Audit The Vote PA uses our First Amendment Right to Petition

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In January 2021 a group of 3 moms from Western PA ( decided they needed to do something with this unfair and non-secure election that occurred in 2020.  Since they had just taken a Constitution class through, they decided to Petition the Government as stated in the First Amendment and they are asking for an audit of the 2020 General election in PA.  The movement has grown, and some members of the PA Legislature have started to listen.  Senator Doug Mastriano  (R)-PA went to his intergovernmental committee, and they made the decision to send letters to 3 counties in PA (York, Tioga and Philadelphia) asking them to comply with an investigation into happenings in the 2020 General election.  These counties have until July 31st to comply and then this intergovernmental committee will decide on delivering subpeonas if they fail to comply.

Audit the Vote PA is asking for as many people to sign their petition to keep putting pressure on our legislators letting them know that We the People want an audit to ensure future fair and secure elections.