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Restore Liberty: One New Group Is Attempting to Save America by Bringing out an Old Strategy

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In Montana, as in much of the rest of the country, conservative freedom-loving people have been meeting in churches, hotel/motel convention rooms, and household kitchens with increasing frequency since the beginning of the year. They have been discussing every facet of the encroaching socialist-Marxist agenda and the loss of traditional American values, especially liberty. Everyone at these meetings knew that nothing that had been done so far had effectively stopped, or even meaningfully slowed, the Left’s drive toward an all-powerful central government and its dubious promises of their version of “safety” and “equality” – the same kinds of promises that have led to the rise of every totalitarian government in modern history. Something new had to be done, and…[READ THE REST]

Article about Restore Liberty by Stu Cvrk on Red State