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Building the grassroots network is a steady persistent work. Restore Liberty has worked hard to reach into communities across the country to give everyday citizens the opportunity to take action and to make a difference.  Meet your state directors and get involved.

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Go to the Declaration of Constitutional Consent page and place your signature among the many who have come forward to declare themselves for the ideals of traditional American Liberty.  See the petition here.

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Restore Liberty exists to advance the important work of protecting and educating the citizenry of the founding vision of our nation.  We rigorously defend the traditional American values that distinguished and elevated this nation to its truly exceptional status.

As we carry forward the work, your support is indispensable.  Partner with us as we press the initiative of preserving the historic traditions of this nations liberty.

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Veterans & First Responders in Crisis
A simple act of kindness can help someone feel less alone. Your actions could help save a life.
The Marine Corps DSTRESS Line
Call 1-877-476-7734
24/7 anonymous phone, chat and referral service using a 'Marine to Marine' approach
Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors (TAPS)
Call 1-800-959-TAPS
Whether you are in emotional crisis, need to connect with TAPS resources and programs, or just want to remind yourself that you are part of a loving, supportive family.
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