Restore Liberty’s County Guardian Program


When Restore Liberty started in January 2020, we focused on finding State Directors to help build a nationwide network. God blessed us with the right people, which allowed us to start the second part of our plan: build and organize a County Guardian Program where the same leadership qualities could be embedded in each county. Part of our mission included using a Team of Teams approach to find like-minded organizations and work together as a large coalition. By building County Guardian chapters, we can continue to advance that goal.

The Why

When we started building this organization, we determined that our nation needed to return to a faith-based perspective on life and government.

Each county is different, as is each state. Therefore, our program was designed to have people serve as watchmen. A county’s largest problem may be the school board, the library, the commission, or something else. Our program ensures that each county’s unique problem can be magnified, and the team can assist with whatever is needed to solve it.

The situation in the world and nation today demands a watchman. So, we designed the County Guardian program based on the example given to us in the Book of Elijah.  

“Son of man, I have made you a watchman over the house of Israel. When you hear a word from my mouth, give them a warning from me” (Ezekiel 3:17)

Restore Liberty is different; we are locally focused with a national vision inspired and led by Judeo-Christian values and at God’s direct leading. We are also different because we want to win in government and policy but are not naïve to the fact that our nation could go through dark times before we can see the light again. We are there to fight through the now, and what could come, and possibly to rebuild a nation based on the same Judeo-Christian principles we used in the first place. 

The How

– County Guardians connect with State Directors to build a picture of each state.

– State Directors meet monthly with the national team to build the strategic picture of the nation.

– National and state teams help to expose and educate at each level, while the County Guardians do the same in each county.

– We all learn together, and the lessons from across the country are applied to achieve victory at the local level wherever Restore Liberty has a presence.

– E-mails, Phone calls, local meetings, conferences, guest speaker programs – all have value to the cause of liberty.

Who Are We Looking For?


Please contact us through the website and list any key skills and attributes you can bring to the team and are willing to use to fight for liberty. If you don’t want to be a leader, we will work to connect you to those who are willing, and always with your permission first.

You can also check us out at these links for a sampling of our public work:



How can you join the fight?

First, we are supported by you, the people. Financial support from individual, corporate, and organizational donations will enable the unique and essential goals of Restore Liberty to be fully realized. You can help by making a contribution of any amount by clicking this link: If you prefer to make a donation by check, please make it out to Restore Liberty and mail to P.O. Box 461 Helena, MT 59624.