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Alena Ericsen

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Alena has actively supported gatherings, educational seminars, and rallies to encourage and give hope to those in need. She has devoted countless hours to assist and listen to those who struggle under these new polices. Many have reached out to her for help during these unprecedented times and she has freely given it. Alena has actively helped hundreds of employees, whose jobs are threatened, by providing exemptions and affidavit templates for them to draw upon. She has consistently devoted her time to work with Utahns against the overreach of government and bureaucrats, both in this state and nation.

Alena has also made efforts to educate the public on the deceptive ideas of sustainability in the form of smart cities, digital drivers licenses, and the involvement of world organizations such as the United Nations. She understands that Utah is a test-pilot state for these enticements and foreign money has been the driving force.

I am not a politician who’s been groomed through the ranks to deliver perpetually disappointing empty promises. I can never be bought because my integrity is not for sale. My work speaks for itself. Those who know me know there’s not a system I have not touched and not a constitutional action I haven’t taken in defense of all we hold dear. I believe Utahns are ready for something different. I believe that all most of us really want is to live a full life in peace.

As I have had many conversations and worked with people all over Utah for the past few years, I have heard their fears, hopes, and dreams. I have feverishly worked by their sides in defense of principles of liberty. These past few years have brought us together and made us stronger. I will continue to be a stalwart and courageous voice to speak up for Utah on the national scene. I will be fearless in exposing and holding those in violation of our rights accountable for their choices. It’s who I have always been and because of that, you can trust it is who I will continue to be.