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National Unconstitutional Action Advisory System (An Answer to Newest DHS Terrorism Advisory Bulletin)

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On Monday, February 7, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security issued its newest terrorism advisory. You can read it below, but to summarize, it said that anyone that dissents from the mainstream narrative is a terrorist or is supporting terrorism. As fans of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s accounts and warnings, that language immediately reminded us of the same catch-all edicts that Joseph Stalin employed to render all dissenters as the enemy. However, the most dangerous and most real threat is the enemy of liberty. That includes the liberty to speak, write, and broadcast dissenting information and opinions. In Restore Liberty’s style, we have created an answer to DHS’ repulsive new bulletin by issuing a bulletin from We The People’s perspective.


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DHS’ Feb 07 NTAS Bulletin

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