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Dana Criswell

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Dana grew up in Pascagoula, MS, graduating from Pascagoula High School in 1981. He then attended Delta State University, graduating in 1986 with a degree in Commercial Aviation. Dana continued his education at Northeast Louisiana University, now University of Louisiana, Monroe, receiving a Master’s of Education degree in 1988.​

Dana began his career as a commercial pilot back in Pascagoula where he flew a corporate turbo-jet aircraft for a company located in Gautier, MS. During his time in Pascagoula, Dana became an officer with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Auxiliary and became a training officer and pilot for the Mississippi Civil Air Patrol. Eventually he left Mississippi for a position in Nashville, TN, as a pilot for American Eagle Airlines.

After 5 years as an airline pilot, Dana returned to Mississippi and Delta State University where he served as an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor and a Professor of Aviation.

In 1998 Dana moved his family to Olive Branch, MS to work for FedEx as a pilot instructor on the Boeing 727 and the MD11 aircraft. During his time at FedEx as an instructor, Dana was also the Curriculum Manager for the MD11 Training Department.

Since 2001 Dana has been a pilot for FedEx, today he is a Captain on the Boeing 767 aircraft.

Julie, Dana’s wife, is a stay-at-home mom and believes strongly in the importance of a mother instilling Christian family values while children are young that will serve them throughout life. All the children have been home schooled for the first few years of their schooling, Janine, who lives in Southaven with her husband and daughter, was home schooled through high school. Dana and Julie have a daughter attending the University of Southern Mississippi, a daughter attending Northwest Community College, a son who works for UPS as he pursues his dream of becoming a published author and their youngest attends a private school.

Dana and his family are active members of Getwell Road Church located in Southaven, MS. Dana serves Getwell Church as a member of the Security and Safety Team.

For several years Dana was the Owner/Editor/Writer of the popular blog, Mississippi GunNews,