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Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt explains what America can do economically during Russian-Ukraine crisis

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Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt told “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Friday that there are economic approaches the United States can take to make it a more “complicated pathway” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategy.

BLAINE HOLT: It’s time to complicate Vladimir Putin’s solution, and it needs to be a multilayered approach. And while I like a force presentation that shows him capability, and let’s be honest, he’s not having a cakewalk in Ukraine, and it only gets harder for him militarily from here. But back home economically, we can absolutely start drilling, pumping and flowing oil into the economy tomorrow to start dropping his strike price and an array of things that we can do around the world to make it a much more complicated pathway for Vladimir Putin’s true strategy.

So this is where I hope our leaders are having very serious consultations tonight, both here at home and at NATO. Vladimir Putin is going to keep going until he has found Zelenskyy and either killed him or detained him. And this is very serious, and the atrocities that we’re seeing on the ground indicate to us how far they’re willing to go. So while there may not be an Article 5 from NATO in our future, there’s certainly nothing to stop the United States from checking his power with air power space assets, cyber assets, shows of force. You know, President Zelenskyy asked for a no-fly zone. I’m not sure that our leaders have that on the table, but certainly we should be looking at one of our greatest strengths, is American logistics, and we should be absolutely resupplying all classes of stock to the Ukrainians tonight.