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Blaine D. Holt - Biography

Blaine D. Holt, Brig Gen(ret), USAF, Co-Founder & National Spokesperson

Brigadier General (ret) Blaine “Blaino” Holt’s hallmark of success is his ability to engineer radical solutions to the most daunting challenges and crises. As a tech startup CEO, innovation thought leader, and future-focused strategist, he delivers long-term value by preparing organizations for order-of-magnitude changes on the horizon. He advises or leads the formation of several emerging tech, cyber and aerospace companies including Xeriant Aerospace and DefendEdge.

Not only is Blaine adept at uncovering both solutions and opportunities that others have missed, but he has a remarkable ability to foster a culture of disruptive thinking, engagement, and collaboration, inspiring stellar performance. A highly effective leader, Blaine has mentored and coached over 30 direct reports who have gone on to senior military and civilian leadership positions. 

Blaine’s career trajectory has been anything but conventional. 

Although he was spangled in recognition during his early military career, the true test of Blaine’s leadership and strategy formulation came during his time in the Kyrgyz Republic where, as Commander of the U.S. Air Force, he orchestrated the DoD’s most complex logistics operations under extreme socio-political strife.  Leading the logistics of the “Afghan Surge” while restoring the Kyrgyz Republic to stability in the wake of a bloody revolution earned him a Bronze Star and a fellowship to the Council on Foreign Relations.

As a Military Fellow, Blaine became a strategy and innovation thought leader, traveling the world speaking about his extraordinary experience in Kyrgyzstan and participating in high-level diplomacy talks across Asia. This experience enabled him to build a solid network of the most highly regarded international relations experts while contributing to research in order to influence foreign policy.  

Later as one of the top ten logistics leaders in the Department of Defense, he was challenged to ensure defense operations remained unaffected by severe budget cuts. As expected, Blaine delivered. His groundbreaking cost-saving ideas combined with the strategic influence to make them happen were an overwhelming success, earning him designation as “the #1 Strategist and Innovator” by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe.

Blaine then served as the 2nd-highest ranking U.S. military official at NATO where he represented the U.S. in negotiations with the Alliance, working together with them to develop solid defense solutions during trying times of sociopolitical turmoil.

Eager to build businesses and make a civilian impact, Blaine led a turnaround at Million Air, raising $150mm to restructure and create new revenue sources.  He helped get a greenfield aluminum company started in Appalachia raising $275mm for the $1.7bln project.  

Today, the General is the CEO of Alchemai; a cutting-edge AI ML company focused on advance tools to repair and harden Fortune 500 supply chains.  Blaine remains engaged in coaching entrepreneurs and speaks across the nation on a variety of issues.  He is the guest of many podcast interviewers.  Two words that sum up this dynamic leader: “High Energy.”  

He is an advisor to a handful of tech companies and regularly appears on Newsmax where he is a contributor and writer.


Award-winning innovator and results-driven leader and former Brigadier General with over 28 years of experience in logistics planning for the aerospace/metals industries and government operations. With a keen eye for detail, formulates complex strategies, ensuring the success of operations-related projects, influencing a most favorable outcome in providing decision makers with key information, surrounding execution, impact and cost. Effectively balance scheduling and deliveries to reach destination safely, securely and without damage; expedite processes in ensuring on-time delivery, routing efficiencies and a positive client experience. An expert on international business and foreign affairs, forge strategic partnerships with major outside agencies in reaching mutual accord through resource sharing, cross-promotion and end-customer influence. Experienced in providing successful leadership within turbulent environments and under war-stricken scenarios, such as a Coup de’tat in Central Asia. Clearances: NATO TS/SSBI (dormant)

Areas of Expertise include:
✓ Strategic Planning & Analysis
✓ Aircraft Maintenance & Charter
✓ Talent Acquisition & Training
✓ Business & Program Development
✓ Operations Management
✓ Emerging Technology
✓ Budget Planning & Forecasting
✓ Project & Program Management
✓ Start-Up Entrepreneurship
✓ Executive Leadership
✓ Briefing & Presentation
✓ Public Speaking
✓ Revenue & Profit Growth
✓ Asset & Turn Around Management
✓ Executive Leadership & Foreign Policy
✓ Government Agencies & Defense
✓ Charter Operations
✓ Logistics & Planning
Languages: English (Primary, Fluent), Flemish (Fluent), Dutch (Fluent), German (Basic), Kyrgyz (Basic)

ALCHEMAI • Seattle, Washington • 2019 to Present
An AI, ML, Data Science software provider focused on predictive network risk in complex supply chains.
Chief Executive Officer
Leads a “best-in-class,” team of scientists, technology professionals and business leaders, to bring a first-mover technology to market that will repair and harden supply chains in the defense, commercial, and non-profit sectors. Responsible for all elements of funding, launching and scaling the startup.

• Recruited retired 4-star and 3-star flag officers to advisory board in addition to senior executive from a major ERP provider.
• Recruited Fortune 500 CTO with experience in transitioning prototypes and algorithms into a hardened, full stack, developed commercial product.
• Led fund raising efforts on 6-month campaign to close seed round of ($10mm)—closing pending.
• Responsible for convincing Boeing Defense to be founding customer and first adopter in the pilot/proof-of-concept program.
• Created pool of follow-on interest from USAF, AFRICOM, EUCOM, Mitsubishi, Caterpiller, Stanley, Black and Decker, JB Hunt and more in less than 6 months.
• Secured National Defense University support for $750k grant in the DoD Rapid Reaction Technology Office program—submission pending.
• Nominated by the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (HAF/A4) for $1mm research grant—award pending
• Forged early relationships with key potential channel distribution partners.
• Authored corporate strategy and business plan, all associated pitch decks and marketing materials and go-to-market scaling plan.
• Developed joint venture partnership with associated emerging technology companies in the digital logistics space
• Wrote comprehensive budget and facilities standup plan deemed “coherent” and “efficient” by potential investors—company postured to move to permanent offices in Seattle and Washington DC by Q4 2020.

IRASCIBLE STRATEGIC ADVISORS, LLC • Houston, Texas • 2016 to Present
A consulting firm, developing strategies and solutions for commercial, government and multinational environments.

Consulting firm that advises seed stage startup companies focused on bringing emerging and disruptive technologies to market. Additional roles include public speaking about technology innovation and change management including processes to formulate strategies that cultivate innovative cultures.

• Identified a critical flaw in the construction of an imperiling $75M+ project, developing a new fuel design in ensuring populous that the crisis center is a viable resource to the global community and in support of economic growth at Panama-Pacifico airfield.
• Gained interests of Morgan Stanley Wealth Advisors and was asked to join a Strategic Advisory Board for an upcoming cyber start-up, based on expertise as an Air Force General and future technologies expert; currently in progress.
• Advisor to VeriTX, a novel blockchain startup focused on zero trust environments and additive manufacturing in the aerospace supply chain. Key in formulating launch strategy and funding plan.
• Key in the development of operations strategy for a cyber start-up, recently granted three patents on a revolutionary secure communications process and software; currently engaged in connecting client to initial round funding sources.
BRAIDY INDUSTRIES • Ashland, Kentucky • 2017 to 2019
A greenfield startup, disrupting the metals industry with high technology and advanced manufacturing.
Chief Operating Officer
Essential member of Directors and Officers leadership team, charged with strategy development, organizational planning and execution for Braidy Industries and its three subsidiaries based in Ashland, KY and Boston, MA, valued at $369M.

• Authored corporate Vision, Mission and Values statement to establish the framework of Braidy corporate culture. The capstone value “Braidy Driven!” also serves as a key branding element in all lines of effort.
• Recruited retired 4-star general and service chief to join Board of Directors; the prestige and caliber of the general puts muscle into a superstar board and has enhanced investor and customer recruitment.
• Stood up Human Resources element within first 120 days of joining Braidy. In less than a year, Braidy HR has achieved SHRM and Sarbanes Oxley compliance in addition to sourcing key and essential personnel across the enterprise.
• Led “Braidy Atlas” or the build of the War Room, which is a Hoshin-Kanri, lean six-sigma operations center, tracking all operations of the company from tactical to strategic, providing knowledge management tools to all Braidy managers in addition to managing the Braidy Data Room for existing and prospective investors.
• Joined in all significant business development efforts to secure customers for the greenfield $168 B aluminum rolling mill under construction in Eastern Kentucky—instrumental in Braidy attracting non-binding MOU’s for over 200% of the future mill’s production and more than 35% of the amount locked down by “take-or-pay” agreements, achieving customer recruitment goals by bring the top automotive and aerospace OEMs in addition to the top service center customers in the industry.
• Partnered with Chairman and CEO for all critical fundraising events; efforts assured second round success and enabled the acquisition of the capstone subsidiary, Veloxint, a nanocrystalline powder metallurgy manufacturer. Attracted institutional investors from rich network to join third round to fund the aluminum mill.
• Led CFO search, successfully recruiting a professional with Fortune 500, startup and big four experience—new CFO has made an immediate impact, leading all financing efforts and potential future listing on the NASDAQ in 2019.
• Key corporate culture leader bringing science subsidiary, Veloxint into alignment with Braidy offering leadership advice to Veloxint leadership while making tough personnel decisions to sharpen the team. Designed and executed first corporate strategic offsite meeting to bring the Top 20 Braidy managers into alignment on strategy and resources.
• Essential partner with community in North Eastern Kentucky, providing updates on the company build in addition to investing resources into key community needs. Building consensus from leaders at all levels for the restoration of the area, beset by years of recession through the loss of the coal, oil and steel industries.

MILLION AIR & AMERICAN JET INTERNATIONAL • Houston, Texas • 2015 to 2017
A global and privately held aerospace organization, valued at $180M with 30 locations across the globe.

Instrumental to the leadership of a small enterprise, ensuring the successful operations for 30 locations, 1700+ employees and a fleet of 18 executive aircraft.

• Forged strategic partnerships with major aircraft carriers, joining forces in the stabilization and fulfillment of aviation crews during the worst pilot shortage on record, while actively working to replenish internal fleets for the charter division and managing fleet growth of eight new aircraft.
• Entered leadership of a challenged organization, turning charter operations around within the first 30 days through the implementation of new operations policies and carrying out strategic plans of action, related to executive charter and medical flight contracts, resulting in a profitable business unit and increased investment opportunities through stakeholder interests.
• Authored and developed a business plan, outlining details for a central air freight center, resulting in the interests of three major carriers, who are considering adoption of a permanent base in Gulfport, including the #1 floral importer in Colombia, who is now planning a significant supply chain shift to the planned center in Mississippi.
• Drove positive actions by FAA administrators in Washington DC and congressional action by members of the Transportation Subcommittee, through active encouragement and leadership in support of the general aviation industry in Houston.
• Led the CIO and IT department in the adoption and direction of a plan that embraces enterprise and cloud-based solutions that cut costs to operations, increase efficiencies across a global market and empower a solid customer base; provide customers with real-time fleet status and to-the-minute updates on the status of logistics and delivery, across various devices and platforms.

THE UNITED STATES MILITARY | NATO • Brussels, Belgium • 2014 to 2015
The delegation represents the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in all alliance political-military affairs.

Key supporter in the execution of the United States political and military mission at the North Atlantic Council, as a Brigadier General in the United States Air Force, providing leadership, direction and advocacy of U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy, on behalf of the military representative and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff; impacted U.S. alliance policies through the influence of senior U.S. and multinational policy leaders, resulting in U.S. sought objectives, while ensuring harmonizing efforts with key allies and partner states.

• Brokered an agreement between eastern and western NATO member states, driving alliance-wide consensus on the response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, effectively setting the stage for a unified summit.
• Key in influencing and shaping the NATO Secretary General’s pre-summit strategy, briefing the secretary at the request of the UK Ambassador on the feasibility of alliance cohesion in countering Russian aggression; the Secretary General modified language in comments to the heads of states for 28 member nations calling for unity.
• Gave Memorial Day keynote address in Epinal, France to 2000+ visitors in commemoration of the fallen at the Battle of the Bulge; enhanced pride amongst attendees, adding to a positive and emotional atmosphere, while contributing to the seed of brotherhood amongst all in attendance.
• Moderated a panel discussion at the National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP) in New York City, entitled “New Battlefields, The Changing Nature of Warfare, and U.S Foreign Policy” with Dr Andy Krepinevich; event orchestrated in a debate style format for senior-level defense policy practitioners to include ambassadors, generals and academics in the conversation.

UNITED STATES EUROPEAN COMMAND • Stuttgart, Germany • 2012 to 2014
Combatant command staff charged with U.S. political-military strategy execution and operations for the European theater.
Key to the direction of a solid logistics strategy and policy within the European Theater for the Defense Department, reporting to 4-star commander and functional logistics defense officials at the Department of Defense. Considered one of the ten top senior defense logistics leaders.

• Led European theater efforts in retrograde of Afghanistan-based materiel U.S. war stocks, valued at $7B+, planning the logistics strategies to repatriate critical assets to U.S. Forces and allies, while keeping equipment required for ongoing combat operations in place; minimized the need for destruction of equipment in Afghanistan, while providing U.S. Forces and its allies with essential readiness stocks through execution of proposed plan.
• Designated by Supreme Commander Allied Forces Europe, as his “…#1 strategist,” successfully defending a military construction portfolio of $2B+ to congress during a budget cycle of unprecedented cutbacks.
• Unanimously voted in as the NATO Multinational Logistics Coordination Center (MLCC) Chairman for NATO members and all partnership nations and became the first U.S. General to hold the 2-year post in the history of NATO due to logistics strategy proposed for all participating nations.
• Devised a revolutionary plan to execute Defense Department logistics requirements for the European Theater Innovative project, consolidating and outsourcing supply chains in saving the country $100M+ in logistics and infrastructure costs over the next decade; the first program of its kind, now being championed by senior Defense Department officials for implementation and as a benchmark for the entire U.S. global defense logistics enterprise.
THE PENTAGON | SECAF & CSAF • Washington, DC • 2011 to 2012
The lead advisory, communications and staffing unit for the Air Force Secretary and Chief of Staff.
Led senior executive group for the air force secretary, chief and their direct reports, channeling input from air and secretariat staff into advisory strategics in providing recommendations the executive body; coordinated all senior air force communications and public engagements, ensuring synchronization among the principals and balancing schedules without overlap.

• Trusted representative and advocate for the Air Force Chief and Secretary’s Executive Action Group, representing the agency during sequestration redesign of the Air Force budget; awarded $90B in funding for the reprogramming of Air Force programs under Presidential allocation of budgets, further optimizing resources for the Air Force during budget sequestration or drawdown environment.
• Redesigned and expanded upon the existing reading list for the Chief of Staff, utilized as an integral part of both internal and external communications and a tool for the development of Air Force personnel at every pay grade.
• Built and led a 20-member team of the top service leaders across multiple disciplines, selecting only the top and promising talents in speech writing, as well as the writing and staffing of the annual USAF Posture Statement to Congress.
• Personally authored a white paper on the Air Force’s budget for the SECAF, utilizing the work as a primary communication tool with all interlocutors; SECAF requested quarterly updates to the paper and restricted access to preserve as his personal reference.

Previously earned a reputation for excellence in the following positions:
COMMANDER, 376TH AIR EXPEDITIONARY WING – Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyz Republic
VICE COMMANDER, 92ND AIR REFUELING WING – Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington
DEPUTY COMMANDER, 437th OPERATIONS GROUP – Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina
COMMANDER, 16TH AIRLIFT SQUADRON – Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina
OPERATIONS OFFICER, 17th AIRLIFT SQUADRON – Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina
CHIEF OF REQUIREMENTS | ECJ37 – United States European Command, Stuttgart Germany
C-17A INITIAL CADRE | EVALUATOR AIRCRAFT COMMANDER – Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina
C-141B AIRDROP AIRCRAFT COMMANDER – McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey
T-38A INSTRUCTOR PILOT – Reese Air Force Base, Texas

Master of Science in Strategic Studies
AIR WAR COLLEGE | Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama | 2008
Master of Education in Education Technology
Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems

“Enterprise Leadership” – University of Virginia, 2011
“Mandarin” – Defense Language Institute, 2007-2008
Joint Warfare Studies – Joint Forces Staff College, 2002
“D’état Major” – The Belgian Royal Superior College of Defense, 2001
“Flemish/Dutch” – Defense Language Institute, 2000
Squadron Officer’s School – Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama 1995
Undergraduate Pilot Training – Reese Air Force Base, Texas, 1990
Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps – University of Georgia, 1988
Lean Training – United States Air Force, 2007

Gained 3,900+ Flight Hours, as a Command Pilot in Various Aircraft
300+ combat flying hours with two air medals awarded

Led Million Air to rank as “#1 Large FBO Chain for 2016” – Professional Pilot Magazine, 2016
Nominated by leadership coach and author, Simon Sinek to speak about strategy at a TED Talks Conference, 2015
Keynote Speaker at Various Events & International Committees, 2010 to 2015
Award Recipient – Iron Gate “Jimmy Doolittle Honors,” New York City, 2011
First United States General to Hold a 2-Year Post, as Chairman of NATO’s Multinational Logistics Coordination Center
Nominated to be on loan to CFR for a year by Gen Petraeus, 2010.
Bronze Star Medal — Combat Command, Bishkek Kyrgyz Republic, 2010
Chief of Staff’s Team Excellence Award for “Lean Initiative during Wartime Demand, Doubling Readiness Demands”, 2007
Finalist, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Essay Contest, 2008
Awarded an Honor with Distinction – Royal Superior College of Defense, 2001
“Instructor Pilot of the Year” – Charleston Air Force, 1998
“Officer of the Year” – McGuire and Charleston Air Force Bases, 1992, 1996, 1997
Distinguished Graduate – Squadron Officer’s School, Maxwell Air Force Base, 1995
Distinguished Graduate – Air Force ROTC, University of Georgia, 1988 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS
Council on Foreign Relations – Lifetime Member
The Wings Club – Lifetime Member
Houston Regional Aviation Professionals – Member and Speaker
NATO Multinational Logistics Coordination Center (MLCC) – Former Chairman
National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP) – Moderator of a Panel Discussion – New York City, 2015
National Committee on American Foreign Policy Track II Diplomacy – Moderator, New York City, 2012, 2013, 2014
CFR Roundtable on Air Force Modernization – Moderator, New York City, 2010
Chief of Staff of the Air Force “Blue Horizons” 2030 Futures Group – Member & Writer, 2008

Published a variety of papers across a range of national security issues.