“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”  –Thomas Jefferson

Welcome to your Restore Liberty Washington page. This page will provide one location for various and important information about the political and cultural things going on in your state. Visit this page often.  If you have not already done so, please visit the Consent Declaration and join the many who have already signed the petition by reviewing it in advance. You may also Affirm Your Oath to America through the Get Involved tab. Of course, we hope that you find this page helpful.

Tambourine page leads the Great State of Washington

In addition to being the Washington State Representative for Restore Liberty, Tamborine Borrelli is the Director of Washington Election Integrity Coalition United or for short (WEiCU pronounced We See You) and is also the founder and Director of Empower US.


Unlike any other time in recent history, the attack on our Republic resembles a machine gun spray of unconstitutional statutes that seek to dismantle the very foundation our Forefathers built for us. As egregious as they all are (anti 2A bills, CRT, Trans agenda, neutering our police, VAX mandates etc.), Election Integrity is the umbrella issue to them all. If we had transparent, secure and publicly verified elections, We the People would actually be choosing representatives who have the Peoples and our country’s best interest at heart.


Trust in our elections are at an all time low, with voting machine software that flip votes, mail in voting that has zero chain of custody and ‘representatives’ on the Left AND Right making legislation that exempts the People from requesting any meaningful election data to conduct investigation of OUR elections (SB 5459).


Washington voters were sold on the convenience of mail-in voting without being informed as to the unverifiable accuracy of their intended vote. Many people from both sides of the political spectrum know that our current mail-in system simply cannot be trusted. The People of Washington have a right to know the truth and have their vote counted correctly.

“True Election Integrity has nothing to do with Politics. It’s about having the freedom as an American to have the beliefs you choose, having the right to vote in favor of that choice and having it count. Without that we will never truly Restore our Republic. We will continue to have only the illusion of one.”


Tamborine has been an election integrity investigator since 2016 when on the board of Election Justice USA. Her Non-Profit WEiCU sued 8 county auditors in a public records request complaint for the 2020 ballots of which 2 counties (as of May 2023) are on appeal and King County (the largest and most corrupt county) is still live in Superior Court. Her investigative team uncovered a verifiable vote flip of 6,614 votes from a third party candidate to Biden in the 2020 Presidential election. Borrelli has also sued Governor Jay Inslee in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer over the state agency of the Department of Licensing for its policy of the unlawful registration of non-citizens, which automatically registers them to vote. Through creative investigative efforts Borrelli uncovered ballots that were cast in the name of some of these non-citizens and the court sought sanctions against her.


Like many other states, Washington’s legislature has led an all out assault on our constitution attempting to pass ‘Ministry of Truth’ type bills (HB1333) which would label anyone who questions elections, vaccines, CRT, Trans agenda or supports our Second Amendment a ‘Violent Domestic Extremist.’ Tamborine testified against this bill twice and led a Lawful Notice from We the People delivered to the legislators noticing them that they are in breach of their oath to the Constitution. This time it didn’t get past committee but unfortunately SB5459 is waiting for the Governors signature which will make it impossible for the People to investigate their elections by refusing to allow Public Records Requests.


Much of Tamborine’s work is focused on the antidote for election fraud. Her mantra is “Hand counted, paper ballots, at the precinct level, with full citizen oversight on the night of the election.” She considers it a profound honor to be representing Restore Liberty as the Washington State Director and looks forward to growing this effort state wide.