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Alena Erickson leads the Great State of Utah

Known as a freedom fighter and defender of truth, Alena Ericksen takes a great interest in the well-being of individuals and societies as it pertains to concepts of liberty. Additionally, Alena has relished the historical classics to understand principles of freedom with a jointed philosophy of the proper role of government. She believes that once principles, values, and truth are formed into one’s character, they serve as the keystone to guiding one’s perception about themselves and their sacred obligation to protecting a free nation. This lends the truth of the vital importance of individuals developing liber (educational) and public virtues to secure liberties.


Recently, Alena took on the project of trying something new to hold corrupt government accountable. She collected affidavits from all over the state of Utah of harm, trespass, and/or fraud against the people from the overreaching oppressive government during 2020. Then, she collected 150 pages of signatures to require an investigation. Next, she gathered the Utah Constitution and Federal Constitution violations. Then, she read 417 pages of the Utah Criminal Code and found 30 pages of criminal code violations that correspond with the affidavits. Finally, she submitted them to the Sheriff Mike Smith and Sheriff Buchanan with the jurisdictions over the former Governor Herbert and current Governor Cox, as well as the state Attorney General Sean Reyes, who went silent and stopped communicating with her.


Alena believes that we “Back the Blue” as they back their oath, and our law enforcement is our last defense against a tyrannical, oppressive government. Alena has received multiple invitations for public appearances on public radio, podcasts, and the Liberty Defenders of the Constitution live talk show. She was even on with Stew Peters and met Lin Wood personally who said of her ambitions, “Smart girl. You get those sheriffs to do their jobs.”

With an undying fiery passion for liberty and a perseverance to last the ages, Alena will push this as far as it will go. One of her passions is to reform law enforcement in understanding their proper role and allegiance to protecting people’s natural born rights, as confirmed by their oath. Furthermore, Alena seeks to enlighten the public through education on natural rights as well as how to utilize the system to keep it in check. She has be a part of many events that have educated the public on local and national politics. Alena even ran for House of Representatives in an excellent race and took nearly 50% of the vote at county convention in a 4-way race. She was also endorsed by Ron Paul’s organization Young Americans For Liberty.

In addition to the criminal case, Alena tried the judicial system against Cox et al. In a Title 42 1983 Deprivation of Rights federal lawsuit under the 7th Amendment Common Law trial by jury that put the powerful truths within our Constitution to the test. It’s simple—We the People have unalienable rights protected under our Federal and state Constitutions. This landmark case highlighted those protections that are rightfully the People’s and demonstrated that when Government fails to uphold their Constitutional oaths, they are not only in breach of contract, they are unfit to serve the People. This riveting case intended to correct the course for a Constitutional Republic.

Moreover, Alena has assisted Utah citizens by being involved with the group that is focusing on getting a forensic audit. She also co-authored with James Tracy, affidavits for the forensic election audit, school boards, and even the Declaration to remove Spencer Cox and Deidre Henderson from office. Accountability and protecting liberty framed within the Constitution will always be her aim.

One of the greatest lessons Alena has learned in all her efforts to preserve liberty, it is that liberty is won in the hearts of individuals and best preserved through local, community efforts. She advocates for a parallel system and fully believes that when times get difficult, it will be neighbors helping neighbors and the providence of God that will inspire solutions.

Alena Ericksen is a mother of 6 beautiful children (ranging in ages from 17 to 26) grandmother to 2, and a wife to a very supportive husband of 27 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University Idaho in Marriage and Family studies and a master’s degree from Liberty University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is also a Master Herbalist, a Hypnotist, and trained in EMDR trauma therapy. When Alena is not out defending liberty, she enjoys gardening, reading, and traveling the world. While she has lived all over the country, she currently resides in Centerville, Utah.