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Married Michelle Diane Hodson, June 16, 1984

  • Seven Children (4 boys, 3 girls), born 1985, 1986, 1988, 1992, 1994, 1995, 2000
  • Home schooled all 7 through high school

Block walking since 2008

Election Judge since 2010

Volunteer with Convention of States Texas, August 2013

District Captain, Convention of States Texas, Feb. 2014-Nov. 2015

Coordinated successful addition of new plank to Republican Party of Texas Platform (June 2014, plank supporting Convention of States). Defended plank in 2016 and 2018.

State Co-Director Convention of States Texas, Nov. 2015-June 2017, Interim Jan. 2018-June 2018

  • Built active grassroots army of over 120,000 by June 2017
  • Brought 3,000 grassroots activists to Texas Capitol in 2017
  • Led grassroots effort to pass priority legislation (Convention of States) May 4, 2017
  • Regional Director, Convention of States – June 2017-Jan. 2019
  • Oversaw grassroots efforts in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arkansas and Illinois
    • Worked in legislatures in Idaho, Utah, and Arkansas
    • Contributed to successful efforts in Utah and Arkansas to pass Convention of States resolution in 2019
  • Worked as liaison between Convention of States national team and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, requests for his assistance in other states
    • Scripted 2 Promotional videos for Convention of States
    • Requested Governor Abbott assistance with Governors from Idaho, Utah, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska

Precinct Chair (Republican Party), Feb. 2014-Present

Served on county resolutions committee 2014, 2016, 2018

Chaired County Resolutions committee 2020

Delegate to Republican Party of Texas State Convention 2010, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020

Served on Republican Party of Texas State Convention Legislative Priorities Committee 2020

In response to observations of conservative grassroots leaders’ discouragement and despair after the November 2018 election, Tamara Colbert and Paul Hodson begin serious discussions about launching a collaborative, umbrella organization for the grassroots effort in Texas.

  • March-June 2019 – Grassroots Gold name is selected for the organization.
  • June 2019 – website domain is reserved.
  • April 2020 – Grassroots Gold LLC is formally organized, with Paul Hodson as the sole managing member (legally). Paul Hodson and Tamara Colbert are co-founders.
  • January 2021-Present – Successfully coordinated several dozen grassroots groups in Texas to unite in advocacy locally and at the Capitol on key pieces of legislation. 15-20 separate boots on the ground training sessions at the Capitol, with upwards of 2,500 grassroots advocates from these grassroots groups. Legislation included:
    • Election Integrity
    • Heartbeat Bill
    • Religious Freedom
    • Critical Race Theory
    • Constitutional Carry
    • Ending Taxpayer Funded Lobbying
    • Curtailing Emergency Powers
    • Strengthening the Electric Grid
    • Men in Women’s Sports


Ending Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

Gender Modification

Men in Women’s Sports

Election Audit

Internal House Quorum Rules, and penalties for breaking quorum

Abuse of Emergency Powers

Property Tax

  • Heartbeat Bill – strongest pro-life bill in the nation, estimated to save 100-150 babies each day in Texas. Effectively ends abortion in Texas. Has drawn fierce attack from the left, including a lawsuit filed by the Church of Satan.
  • Constitutional Carry – Texas became the 21st state to pass an unlicensed firearm carry legislation. This battle took 12 years. Many grassroots lessons were learned (what not to do).
  • Election Integrity – a series of bills passed during regular session. Generated massive grassroots support during regular and special sessions. Very strong bill emerged from 2nd special session after TX House Democrats returned to satisfy quorum requirements.
  • Critical Race Theory – strong bill (HB 3979) passed during regular session. Strengthened bill passed during 2nd special session.
  • Religious Freedom – Constitutional amendment proposed that will prohibit any infringement on religious/faith institutions meeting (response to COVID fear mandated closures)


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  • Boots on the ground at the Capitol
  • Providing classroom training on communicating with legislators
  • Full spectrum classroom training on Keeping Our Republic
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In general, Grassroots Gold does not endorse officials or candidates, especially in the primaries.
We have made exceptions for Local (City Council, School Board, County Commissioner) and State legislative races (eg., TX House Rep. Shelby Slawson, who sponsored the Heartbeat Bill).