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Something About Me

James Barth

I live just South of Clarksville TN in a small town called Erin. My wife and our daughter moved from Wyoming to Erin TN in 2022. I served our country in the ARMY where I obtained the rank of CW2 in the Georgia guard, where I lived for over 20 years.  I have been involved politically starting back in Wyoming where I ran for Sheriff of Laramie County Wyoming, and also became a constitutional scholar. I dug deep into the original intent of our country as stated in the United States Constitution and I quickly learned the misunderstanding that people have believing that the Federal government is the source of authority and power. I have spent much time educating people on the constitution, and then specifically on the 10th amendment where it applies to States rights and sovereignty of the states.

I am a Christian (born again believer) and I feel that God has placed on my heart to still got forward adhering to that oath of office that we all take when we enter the military the oath never expires as long as we live, and it was stated to end that oath with “so help me God”. God forged this nation from a small group of believers and they forged this country that we have come to love, defend, and even die for. We can no less turn our backs on this country, than we could to stop breathing, and with that Ill defend her until God calls me home.

God Bless America!

My Vision for Tennessee

What I Believe

Restore Liberty is a group of believers that endorsed me in my run for sheriff, and then asked me to be the State of Tennessee director once I arrived here. I am honored to be the State of Tennessee director for Restore-Liberty. We set a high bar on whom we endorse and our principles and values are excellent, and hard to obtain.


State Successes

Positive Things happening:

We have representatives from across the state fighting against the governor’s Red Flag law push in the special session. The Governor is simply a RINO and has fallen into the same pattern as other state governors wishing to stomp on constitutional rights. The 2nd Amendment and its definition thereof were decided by the supreme court in what is known as the Bruen Case. In that case, it has been decided by the supreme court that the principles and spirit, and meaning of the Second Amendment shall not be infringed is defined in that case, and the case is a foundational brick wall standing against tyranny that politicians wish to destroy.

We have the Tennessee Firearms Association fighting hard to help remind the lawmakers that their duty is not to place binds on our 2nd amendment rights. We are calling for people to stand with the rest of us on August 21 in support of the 2nd amendment rights in Nashville in and outside the state capital. The opposers will be there and will be a loud voice from people outside of Tennessee. Tennessee is a foundational place to start such a strong battle for them given the History of the United States’ birth and the importance of Tennessee volunteers to stand against Tyranny.

State Challenges

We have large groups from outside the state being bussed in to show a presence and be against the 2nd amendment rights. The media depicts all these people as Tennesseans. We have Children being bussed in with their parents as well to stand and protest against the 2nd amendment and stand for 4th amendment violations such as red flag laws. We have a lame-duck governor who is simply pressing for tyrannical overreach on powers he does not possess.

Apathy is a huge factor in Tennessee as well as elsewhere. People have simply gotten used to thinking that somebody else will surely fix it. That is not the case and all need to be involved.

We have fought against school boards in counties across the state where they want to push books not appropriate for Children and as such school boards have started to try and limit free speech and telling parents and the public that you don’t have a right to speak at our board meetings especially if you are not a parent but just a taxpayer.

Your state leader has taken the time to bring to attention various and important information about the political and cultural things going on in your state.  Visit this section often to see the latest news from the front line.  And if you have not already done so, visit the Consent Declaration page and join the many who have signed the petition by clicking here.

Educational Links

Links: Restore-Liberty Tennessee https://www.facebook.com/groups/272379148465771/

Email address [email protected]

News Sources: I use OANN and Newsmax for fleshing out headline news. I use Telegram pages such as Tennessee Stands and Web pages such as Tennessee Firearms news page I listen to Stew peters to for perspectives on what is happening nationwide. I also look at an app to get a pulse on what the mainstream media is peddling called NewsMax where it pulls headlines on the media that print their slanted stories. It then gives me the opportunity to then flesh out those stories for further analysis and fact finding.