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Restore Liberty - OKLAHOMA

Wendi Montgomery Dial - Oklahoma State Director

The most important duty God has given me is to my two sons, ages 17 and 25. They are both miracles from the Lord, and restoring this Republic to the original intent of the founders for them and their future has been my focus for the last two years, co-founding and establishing Oklahoma Liberty and Integrity Group and researching election integrity and other matters threatening our inherent rights. I have a BS in Geology with a minor in Physics from UTEP but have been home raising my sons since 1998 when my oldest was born. My background in science and reason, along with my absolute faith in God, has been invaluable in the quest to restore our nation to the greatness that the founder’s vision ventured to establish so long ago. I am a descendent of five Revolutionary War soldiers and the current condition of this country is what motivates me to continue to drive on to fight for the inalienable and God given rights of humankind and to restore the foundation of this nation the way God initially established it in 1776. In Oklahoma, Restore Liberty has a robust and active team, each of whom has experience in the grassroots movement to restore the republic for the past several years by first recognizing the dire situation our republic is currently in and then taking the opportunity to be active in their local communities with the goal to restore them to constitutional governance. We have been active in the formation and leadership of multiple groups as well as precinct and county political leadership, conservative media, rallies for 2nd amendment rights, medical freedom, parental rights in the public schools, grassroots meetings at the local and state level regarding political parties, local participation in the political process, informing the public and organizing citizen action conferences in the subject of election integrity and election reform legislation, fighting against leftist control of city, county and state governance, and educating the public in true American history and constitutional principles, as well as researching and writing informative pieces on current subjects that threaten individual freedom, a few of which have been published in local and national publications. We partner with other groups around the state to ensure 

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My Vision for Oklahoma

What I Believe

Oklahomans will remain free. We only fear God, no man, and rely on God’s Word and the salvation of Christ to guide and protect our efforts on behalf of our families and fellow citizens. 

State Successes & Challenges

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Educational Links

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