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“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”  –Thomas Jefferson

Welcome to your Restore Liberty Ohio page. This page will provide one location for various and important information about the political and cultural things going on in your state. Visit this page often.  If you have not already done so, please visit the Consent Declaration and join the many who have already signed the petition by clicking here. You may also Affirm Your Oath to America through the Get Involved tab or click here. Of course, we hope that you find this page helpful. Remember, our Ohio motto, “With God All Things Are Possible”. This became Ohio’s state motto on October 1, 1959. A twelve-year-old boy named James Mastronardo recommended this quotation from the bible during a contest in the early 1950’s.


Doug Wade leads the Great State of Ohio

In addition to being the Ohio Representative for Restore Liberty, Doug Wade runs a social media and video network, PureSocial.

America was built upon a foundation of fundamental rights that include freedom of religion, due process of law, freedom of assembly and free speech. The latter is under attack by technology giants that are focused on censorship of conservative viewpoints. Recognizing this, Doug Wade spearheaded the launch of PureSocial, a social media network that gives control of news content into the hands of the people.

“The credibility of the mainstream press is at an all-time low. Today we are being bombarded with mass amounts of information online, through television, movies, news and magazines,” Wade said. “You only have so much time in the day to get up to speed on what’s important to you, so why sift through post after post of nonsense and fake news, when you just want the truth?

“Our policy is that everyone has a voice, those on the left, those on the right and everyone in-between,” Wade added. “Everyone’s voice will be heard through the power of the vote with our Crowdscore™ rating system, creating accountability, fostering diversity of thought and keeping our communications open and free.”

A Dayton native who now lives in the South Dayton area, Wade graduated from Meadowdale High School, earned a college degree in visual communication and has worked for advertising agencies in design, illustration, marketing, and web design and development.

In 2020, he launched PureSocial, which had been in development for three years.

“We are blessed to be able to disseminate the information that big tech seeks to suppress from the American public,” Wade said. “It is important for everyone to do what they can, according to their skills, to fight against the suppression that we now see in this country.”

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Most Pressing Issues in Ohio

Mid Term Elections on March 19, 2024

Many constitutional candidates are running in the state of Ohio. Please check out our Ohio Endorsements page for more information. 


While Americans watched a contentious battle for speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, a similar internal war was playing out in Columbus. Ohio House Republicans fight over which bills to pass and who should be in charge. They argue over how campaign money is spent and who is a real Republican.

The rampant infighting has boiled over into a vicious campaign cycle, pitting Republicans against one another for control of the Ohio House after 2024. Attack ads for the March 19 primary accuse GOP candidates of aligning with President Joe Biden or − perhaps more perilously in a Republican primary − opposing former President Donald Trump.

The wounds of a 2023 leadership fight in the Ohio House have never healed, but Republicans are already waging a battle over who will serve as speaker in 2025. A certain amount of infighting is to be expected during a primary pitting fellow Republicans against one another, but this election season has been particularly acrimonious.

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Successes in Ohio
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And if you have not already done so, visit the Consent Declaration page and join the many who have signed the petition by clicking here.

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