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Your state leader has will provide a list of influential political leadership in your state and highlight the policy positions and agenda of some.  You will also find some related commentary from time to time on RL’s support or opposition to a leader or candidate.  And if you have not already done so, visit the Consent Declaration page and join the many who have signed the petition by clicking here.

Previously held the office of President of the Republican club of Frederick County
Was a contractor for ICE under the Department of Homeland Security
Am the Treasurer for April Montgomery for Frederick County Board of Ed
I am a devoted Patriot and firm supporter of the Constitution

Maryland is rapidly turning BLUER.
It was considered PURPLE for some time, but as the world changes, so does Maryland.
Our Conservative candidates need support in this progressive State!
Our Conservative Voters must come out to vote in higher percentages in order to be victorious.

We have some great Patriots running for office.
Winning will be very challenging in a state becoming more progressive and Bluer.

Dan Cox – Governor

“As your Governor, I will propose a Contract to ‘Restore Freedom to the Free State.’” Bold leadership is needed to protect lives and livelihoods. From defending our Second Amendment and supporting the Thin Blue Line, to attacking crime and human trafficking by passing sweeping legislation to hold dangerous criminals accountable with stiff jail terms, to opposing the lockdowns and draconian Executive Orders destroying businesses while illegally limiting safe and inexpensive healthcare remedies to the most vulnerable, Dan Cox has and is fighting for the rule of law in our State Government as an elected member of the House of Delegates.”

Michael Hough – Frederick County Executive

“Do we continue to be a unique and wonderful community where people are proud to live, work, and raise a family? Or do we become Montgomery County North, with overcrowding, traffic gridlock, crime and high taxes? ”

Chuck Jenkins – Frederick County Sheriff

 “The People’s Sheriff

Serving as your Sheriff since 2006, has been a distinct honor and privilege. Frederick County is my lifelong home, which makes serving as Sheriff especially satisfying and gives me immense pride in doing so.  The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, which I have served for a total of 28 years, continues to move forward as a progressive, effective, and premier agency in both law enforcement and corrections.

April Montgomery – Frederick County Board of Education

As a Candidate for Frederick County Board of Education, April Montgomery is here to pave the way to enhance in the lives of our Students.

She stands firm on the premise that the way to provide the best possible Education experience for our beloved Students, the Board of Education must be a relentless force tirelessly working to support the Parents, the Teachers and Staff of FCPS so they can be equipped to create and maintain a superior environment for our students to thrive!