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Something About Me

Michael Green

My name is Michael Green, I joined the Air Force on May 28, 1987, and retired on May 28, 2010. I took the oath of office and was sworn in by my father Lt. Col. Green after my commander found out he worked for the Prime Beef Squadron.

In 2008 I joined the U.S. Border Patrol and served there for 14 years. Again I took an oath of office…and the oath never expires in my opinion. After the tyranny of Covid was forced upon me I chose to leave the Patrol.

I have been serving as a Patriot Academy Instructor and since my latest move I have been looking for churches that will allow me to come and put on the Biblical Citizenship course in order to get people involved and to make contacts in my communities.


Your state leader has will provide a list of influential political leadership in your state and highlight the policy positions and agenda of some.  You will also find some related commentary from time to time on RL’s support or opposition to a leader or candidate.  And if you have not already done so, visit the Consent Declaration page and join the many who have signed the petition by clicking here.

My Vision for Arkansas

What I Believe

I don’t think a patriotic, Bible loving, pro-constitution news outlet exists anywhere, but I don’t know of anything in Arkansas that is even neutral on matters. Most just regurgitate the national stories with little thought to whether it is true or not. They still think we live in a democracy…

State Successes

Currently the Sheriff of my county is a man I went to school with and was very patriotic and didn’t support any form of socialism. But he and I have been out of touch so I am currently setting a date to meet with him and feel out if the goals of the Sheriff aligns with those he serves in this county.

Paul Marsters reports: In Crawford County we have a very progressive Sheriff in place and one of our new recruits is set to run against him in four years. It may take some work as the locals are ready for change and want someone like Paul. Sounds like Scott county has some similar initiatives going as well.

State Challenges

The larger cities in Arkansas are welfare pits and many are like most of our larger cities in the U.S….socialism at best.

Most of Arkansas is rural and in those areas most are Patriotic, but do not understand the rights our constitution gives them and would not see over-reach of the government if it slapped them in the face…but ignorance can be fixed and getting that knowledge out is the biggest challenge in my opinion.

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