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The United States Government was Established to Preserve Liberty
Our Government is Destroying Liberty

The consent of the governed was given only to establish and maintain a government for the express purpose of maintaining “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. Does our government still serve that purpose, or has it become destructive to that purpose? Clearly, it has become destructive to the cause of liberty.
Americans are less free to speak what they will and do what they wish every day, and that oppression of liberty is growing at an exponential rate. Patriots understand that liberty should never be exchanged for any other comfort or inferior ideal. Wise people understand, through observation of history and tyranny, that every despotic government offered the same exchange to its eager citizens, to their own destruction.
Therefore, we enumerate the following usurpations of the Constitution and its principles by the federal government of the United States of America:

1. The fundamental safeguards to a free people enumerated in the first and second Amendments to the Constitution have been continuously and systematically infringed upon. Those in power now have denied the inherency of those rights, indicating an intention to destroy them.

2. The principles of freedom and liberty are no longer the vanguard of the government. In contrast, the state dictates the minutia of the American subject’s life in exchange for the unobtainable illusions of safety and egalitarianism.

3. The essential checks and balances designed by the framers of our Constitution have been manipulated to a state of inefficacy. The assumed powers of each branch of the government are now virtually unhindered by the others.

4. The Congress have usurped the essence of the 10th Amendment by using the excessive taxation upon the citizens of each state to then coerce the same into federal ambitions, denying the wishes of the sovereign state.

5. The federal government and a complicit media establishment have aimed at and succeeded in dividing the singular people of the country into political, racial, and economic factions through rhetoric and segregationist legislation.

6. The Congress have increased the national debt to irresponsible and unsustainable levels, selfishly bequeathing an insurmountable burden to upcoming generations.

7. Without Constitutional power to do so, the Congress have created a coercive and powerful national Department of Education, giving the federal government direct influence on the thoughts and principles of the American children.

8. The Congress, the Supreme Court, and several complicit states have obfuscated the processes, ignored constitutional mandates, and refused to provide transparency to federal elections, jeopardizing the foundation of a representational government.

9. The Executive Branch and the Congress have placed the good of other nations as equal and superior to the good of American people.

10. The Congress and the Judicial System have spent 48 years enabling and supporting the murder of innocent children in the womb.

11. The Congress have not held themselves subject to the laws they pass by creating different laws and rules for themselves than the people.

12. All three branches of the Federal Government have turned agencies of the U.S. Government into political weapons to harm or destroy opposing candidates and ideals.

13. The Executive Branch and Department of Defense have consistently embroiled the nation into wars on foreign soil without reason of defense.

14. The Congress have redistributed the assets of those that produce to those that take in exchange for the votes to ensure the continuance and growth of the same practice.

15. The Congress have maintained the Federal Government as the primary landowner nationwide.

16. The Congress and the Board of the Federal Reserve have maintained the Federal Reserve as a largely unaccountable private entity.

17. The Executive Branch and Congress have meddled in and coerced the will of foreign nations.

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