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Denise Painter is an American Republican pollster and strategist. In addition to running her own consulting company, she serves as the national political director for Restore Liberty’s 501 (c) 4 division and SuperPacRestore Liberty a nonprofit dedicated to restoring the knowledge of, and passion for, the liberty upon which America was founded. The organization endorses candidates who represent and are committed to this philosophy.

Her company, Painter Communications, offers general consulting, data acquisition,
polling and text messaging. Her company worked to challenge federal candidates such as
former Senator Harry Reid (DNV) through a 527 Independent Expenditure Super PAC.

Painter Communications worked with Ken Starr in efforts to challenge the constitutionality
of the McCainFeingold campaign finance reform act before the United States Supreme Court

She began her career under the tutelage of Lee Atwater, former Chairman of the
Republican National Committee.

Ms. Painter’s experience encompasses managing campaigns, political consulting,
polling, (internal and external) public relations, communications, lobbying, radio, television, print,
online media, issue driven campaignspromoting government policy and working with Super
PACs. She has consulted on municipal as well as state and federal elections. She has worked
on two presidential campaigns and served as the regional political director for one presidential

At the Department of Defense, she served as special assistant to the Office of the
Secretary of Defense presenting to Congress the department’s position on drug interdiction.

Following her political appointment at DOD, Denise served as director of legislative
programs at Veterans Affairs while working successfully with Congress to create and pass
legislation elevating the Veterans Administration to cabinet level. For her work on this historical
legislation, she received the Meritorious Service Award.

Rounding out her politically appointed positions, she served at the Department of Energy
as a special legislative advisor for congressional affairs for nuclear energyissues. She was
subsequently offered a position as a professional staff member on the U.S. House of
Representatives Science Committee where she was responsible for nuclear power and
radioactive waste issues.

Ms. Painter is a staunch constitutionalist and is known for her integrity.

She spent her high school years in Japan and has traveled extensively.

She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and holds a Bachelor of Science in
Political Science.